Bicycling & Walking

For those living close to their jobs, bicycling and walking are easy, healthy, and cost-saving ways to get to work!

Worldwide, there are more cyclists than motorists -- and bicycling is often more practical than commuting to work by car. If you live close enough to your worksite, try riding a bike! It will save you money and, in some cases, is almost as fast as driving... without all of the frustrations.

If you live too far to bike to work, you may still be able to use your bicycle to complete your commuter trip. Many Park, Ride lots have bicycle lockers set up for this purpose.

Bicycling is also a great way to exercise, particularly for those who can't find the time in their busy schedules to make it to the gym!

Bicycle commuting can be twice as fun with a buddy. Often two or three cyclists living near one another will meet at a central location and form a "bike-pool," traveling together single file along the same route to work. Riding with another commuter can make your trip a friendly and safe one.
Secure Storage
Many L.A. City worksites now offer coin-operated bicycle lockers. These sites include:
  • City Hall East
  • Personnel Department Building (Vignes)
  • Piper Technical Center
  • West L.A. Civic Center
  • Van Nuys Civic Center
  • LAPD (Harbor, Devonshire, & Pacific Divisions)
Many other sites have bicycle racks. If your work location has neither, check with your supervisor about the possibility of parking your somewhere in the office or building. You should also check with your Employee Transportation Coordinator at your worksite to learn about racks or lockers near your work location. Wherever you store your bicycle, make sure that your secure it with a high quality chain or lock.
Please see our additional tips on bicycle commuting to make your trip a safe and pleasant one.
Commuting by Foot
Walking is a great way to get to work! It's easy, healthy, cost-saving, and helps reduce smog. There are personal benefits, too. Walking helps you take extra weight off and keep it off. A brisk jaunt of 1.5 miles per day can help you lose as much as 20 pounds per year!
When you get to work, you will feel better because walking can:
  • Increase your energy and your resistance to fatigue;
  • Tone your muscles;
  • Relieve stress and tension by helping you relax;
  • Improve your self image.
As with carpooling and bike-pooling, walking with someone else can make the commute more enjoyable. Perhaps one of your neighbors who works close to you would like to join you one or several days a week.
Locker Rooms
Many City departments have locker rooms that are available to their own employees. Walkers and bicyclists should check with their individual departments regarding the use of locker rooms.
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