Vanpool Program

The City of Los Angeles currently operates over 85 vanpools. One of them is right for you!

A vanpool is a group of 8 or 12 people sharing the ride in a City-provided vehicle.

The City of Los Angeles has established a voluntary Rideshare (home-to-work) Program for its employees which features luxury vans equipped with:

  • Cushioned, high-backed, reclining seats
  • Individual reading lamps
  • Forward and rear air conditioning and heating
  • AM/FM stereo with cassette and CD player

By sharing the ride, employees can have a pleasant commute instead of fighting the freeways. They get to work more relaxed and have a chance to "unwind" on the way home. Vanpoolers not only ride in style and comfort, but also save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars each year in fuel, insurance, and depreciation costs by not driving their personal vehicles to work each day.

The cost to operate your personal vehicle is currently calculated at $0.522 per mile. This cost includes fuel, insurance, and maintenance expenses.

Based on this rate, an average commute of 100 miles per day would cost you $1,096.20 per month (21 work days). In contrast, the Vanpool Fare for a City employee traveling the same 100 miles per day is only $100.10 per month on an 8-passenger van.

This is a savings of $996.10 per commute month!

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